In rescue full disclosure is important. If a dog isn't housetrained we tell them, if the dog doesn't like other dogs, we tell them. Unless we don't know which is odd because we are foster based. These dogs are in people's homes and by the time we adopt them out we know them pretty well. Have I always gotten it right? No, we have returns just like any other rescue. But when it comes to public safety, we deal with the dogs issues or they stay with me until I feel they are safe to go. There was a reason Hades had been with my family for over a year. While he may not have an official bite record (nothing documented by a police officer or hospital) that doesn't mean he hasn't had his fair share of issues. Hades has attacked 4 people. An electrician, a UPS man and the friend of the lady who adopted him for several months and my boyfriend Art Isquierdo. He has a trigger and it is a hard one to avoid. Once he is settled in, which can take a few months, and thinks he is home he becomes protective and will attack any male that walks through the door. Art had known Hades for months. They used to snuggle on the couch and got a long great. Until one day, out of nowhere Hades attacked him. We always knew it was a possibility so we were very careful and I was right there to stop it. The other 3 attacks were in his previous home and was the reason he was returned. Before you decide Hades is a bad dog remember were he comes from. He is one of the house of horrors dogs from Clinton Iowa. To see a little bit of Hades backstory check this link.…/eight-dogs-rescued-one-found-dead-after…/ To keep people safe and Hades from getting in trouble we kept a sign on the door to never just walk in and I have a large barn wood door/gate separating the kitchen from the living room. When people would come over I would put Hades in the kitchen so he could see that the person was safe and not a threat. After a little while I would let him out to see the new visitor. This was working and Hades was getting better but a long ways from being adoptable.

The day that Hades was seized by the ARL along with the others my daughter had to walk him to the ARL van. He wasn't having any of them near him. He must have been a handful for them because I have emails and a recording of the ARL stating they wanted to deem him dangerous and that he was not adoptable. They go as far as to say we could appeal the decision. My attorney calls them 2 weeks later and we find out they adopted Hades out. I thought they had killed him like they had made it clear they wanted to for aggression. The lady who rescued the House of Horrors dogs, Shai L Lemke called them the day I found out they had no intentions of returning them to me. She told them all about Hades and his issues. So there is no question, they knew he had problems. A lady comes into the ARL and takes him home a couple of weeks ago with NO IDEA Hades is a loose cannon so to speak. Someone I know contacted her and told her, she was shocked but determined to make it work. She has a teenage son who has friends that come and go freely which is going to be a problem as soon as Hades feels at home. The ARL had mentioned he was barrier reactive which isn't accurate at all. Hades doesn't even have a kennel in my house and his aggression has nothing to do with being confined. Quite the opposite actually, too much freedom and he makes bad decisions and deep rooted insecurities. So the lady is told of his issues by the person i know, not the ARL and the next thing I know I am being accused of harassing this woman when I have no idea who she even is. According to the police after this person that I know contacted her and told her about his problems she started getting tons of people contacting her and it got so she felt uncomfortable and brought him back. The police went to the person I know who talked to the adopter and told her to never contact this woman again. After some thinking, and the help of Franchessca Rae Petraline we figured out what had really happened. The lady is not being harassed, they just don't want anyone to know that they adopted out a dangerous dog without warning the adopter of his issues. The lady probably still has Hades, they just don't want anyone contacting her so they said she brought him back. I still to this day do not know who she is. I thought he had been adopted out of state. The ARL made it clear in the meeting that I have recorded that NONE of my dogs that they seized were to stay in the city of Des Moines. None of the adopters or fosters I had arranged to pick my dogs up were allowed to live in this city. It will be interesting to find out if any of them were adopted out in Des Moines. As of right now I have no idea where any of them are or who adopted any of them. If any of the others have been returned it is not because they are being harassed, it is because the ARL didn't take the time to get to know them and their specific needs. I'd love to see some proof I contacted any of them, it simply doesn't exist. Anyone who knows me knows I would never harass this woman. I would have gone to her house to speak with her, with a leash in hand. Hades reaction to me would have been all the woman needed to see. If she truly cared about him she would want him be safe and happy and he would have left with me. But since I do not know who this woman is I have no way of contacting her. So I am asking all of you, if you know please PM me. I do not want to harass this woman. As a matter of fact if I think she can handle him and keep him and everyone safe I have no problem with him being with her. But this dog is bonded to me. I am his human before all others. When he was returned by his previous and only adopter he came and sat right next to me and looked at me like "Omg, I though I would never see you again" and as then stuck to me like glue for the next month. I was the first person in his life to ever show him love and I taught him to be a dog. He feels safe when he is with me and we were working on his issues and he had come such a long way. The thought of Hades out there with someone who has no idea of his issues scares the hell out of me. I have spent days and nights crying for the past 2 months thinking he was dead. When I do find out he is alive it is with the fact that he has been set up to fail and will most likely wind up dead anyway. This dog has been failed by humans his whole life and he is not a bad dog, in the right hands. In the wrong hands it is just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. If the ARL truly cares about the animals and public safety, how did this happen? How was this woman sent home with a dog with some pretty serious issues and no warning of any of it? The ARL knew exactly what triggers him and gave the woman no warning of any of it. Public safety and the best interest of the dog were not important to them, getting one of my dogs out of there, which I tried desperately to get back, was. That leads me to wonder where the rest of them are? Were they placed as haphazardly as Hades? Is that the reason they are being returned? Because me and all of the other UB members have no idea where any of them are so there is no way we could be harassing them. Like I said I would love for the ARL to prove me wrong on this. They are looking for a reason to arrest me and charge me with something, this would be it. Again, I am asking everyone, if you know where Hades is please contact me. I need to talk to the lady that supposedly returned him. Not to take him back but to make sure he is okay. This dog lived with me part time for over a year and is very bonded to me and I to him. He was one of my pack and slept in my bed every night. HE WAS NOT READY TO BE ADOPTED. My daughter adopted him just to keep something like this from happening. Animal Rescue League of Iowa has no right to be keeping Hades away from the only people in his life who know him and love him and were committed to keeping him and everyone else safe. Please help me find my boy.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa if you do in fact have Hades back please give him back to his rightful owner, my daughter. We will immediately take him out of the city of Des Moines. That is what is in his best interest and will prevent you from the lawsuit that is inevitable when you adopt him out again and he does attack someone. Any trainer will tell you the method we are using to get Hades past this issue is the only thing that will work. It takes a long time and is something you cannot provide him with in the shelter environment. Do what is best for Hades and return him to my daughter. I have several educated people who would be happy to hang onto him for us until we can get moved. If he wasn't returned and you just want this woman left alone so this story doesn't make social media SHAME ON YOU. Either way I will find out. Even if you do make up a reason to arrest me I have people all over the country working on this. Do the right thing for Hades and return him to myself and my daughter and I will consider dropping the unlawful seizure and emotional distress, violation of civil rights, violation of HUD government policies (just the tip of the iceberg) lawsuit you are about to be presented with. This is not going to go away just because Hades does if you adopt him out again.​

Our Recent Work

Apollo BEFORE coming to UB

Apollo was in the Wichita Kansas animal control center. He was scheduled to be euthanized but was saved by UB with just an hour to spare. Apollo is doing much better now but is in need of training. We are looking at different places right now to try to get him some help.

Apollo NOW

Apollo is doing much much better but is still in need of some training. We are happy to report that Apollo has not be afraid at all since being with UB! He is all smiles!

Saying Goodbye to Diva

Diva was dropped off by her foster when she began coughing up blood. We took Diva to Iowa Veterinary Specialties and there she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She has nodules all over both lungs and her prognosis is not good. We decided to make the end of her life special and have made her a "bucket list". 

Diva has been going on long car rides, picnics, shopping spree's and to the lake. Diva even went to the Iowa State Fair! She has also been getting plain double cheeseburgers and lots and lots of love! She is staying with the founder of Unbreakabull Bullies and celebrating every moment she has left! 

We are looking into some cancer meds at ISU this week in hopes of keeping Miss Diva with us a little longer. 


We recently pulled two dogs off of death row in Kansas that were out of time. Both dogs are dog and cat and kid friendly but simply had no place to go and no one to help them. Zimm and Mini are now safely in foster homes and loving every minute of it! 

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” Zimm has been ADOPTED! 7-25-19

Karen Davidson

“A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is bigger than any “thing” you can ever own.”

― Elizabeth Parker, Paw Prints in the Sand

Bonded Buddies

We took a call about a bonded pair of bullies on 6-12-19 that were going to be euthanized in less then 24 hours

Father and Daughter

They were safe and in a foster home the following day. 

Ezell & Peanut are alive and well today because of UB!

Ezell and Peanut

Ezell is 5 years old and already fully vetted.

Peanut and Ezell

Peanut is 4 years old and also fully vetted. 

This is Mambo, a 5 month old Pit Bull. Mambo was shot in the face by his neighbor. 

Mambo is now blind.

We are picking him up on 6-15-19.

Watch our Facebook page or here for updates on Mambo.


Clutch is coming to UB on 6-15-19. We suspect he was either a bait dog or was fought. More to come on Clutch soon!

Mambo has been seen at ISU and is in fact 100% blind. But there is good news! UB adopted a blind puppy to a family here in the Des Moines area 3 years ago and we contacted her to foster this sweet boy, but instead she is ADOPTING him! Looks like Mambo has a home! 

This sweet boy who we have named Clutch is making great strides in his progress already. He is great with everyone he meets including children and is even good with other dogs! He is a gentle and forgiving soul who desperately needed someone to help him. Clutch is feeling a little better everyday! Clutch is HW+ so we are taking donations for his treatment. 

Not Hercules, this is Phoenix!

There are a lot of stories going around about this guy and we aren't sure what to believe but we do know a few things. He was beaten by a group of men and shot at 7 times and thrown into a 30' ravine and left for dead. Another thing we know is that he did not deserve such treatment, no animal does. 

We do know who did this and we are pushing for criminal charges.

This is Phoenix, formerly known as Hercules. 

Sad and Confused.

Nix isn't happy about what happened to him and he is not afraid to tell you all about it! We have since found out that it is pretty normal for Nix to talk, but if he was complaining who could blame him? 

Phoenix enjoying some play time!

A new life for Phoenix

“They may defeat you, burn you, insult you, injure you, and abandon you, but they will not shall not and cannot destroy you, for you, like Rome, were built on ashes, and you, like a phoenix, know how to resurrect" -Nikita Gill 

He is vetted and will be ready for his forever home whenever he says so.

Mambo 6-26-19

Mambo is having a blast in his temporary home! This is him at the dog park today! He is scheduled to be neutered on the 10th and has a home waiting for him! 

Mambo was adopted on 7-18-19!

Clucth 6-25-19

Clutch is looking and feeling better everyday! 

We rescued this sweet young lady from the Council Bluffs shelter where she had just given birth to 9 puppies! This is Dory and her puppies Dork, Deek, Dolly, Dink. Richard, Dan. Elisa, Shorty and Darrel. 

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