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Click on the PDF below to see what really happened to Unbreakabull Bullies with PROOF!

All of the withheld information is at the above link. 

Almost 70 pages with supporting documents has been added to the website which can be found at the above link. The first part of the document is actual abuse and neglect cases most of which Unbreakabull Bullies assisted with. We took in and rehabilitated and rehomed some of the dogs mentioned. Next you will see each individual dog that was reported neglected and proof in screenshots, vet bills, x rays and emails that they were not. There has never been any accusations of abuse. 2 of the neglect charges were thrown out as well as the harassment charge. The theft charge was thrown out as well. The document explains why I took the plea bargain and what the penalties were. THIS CASE IS NOT OVER. There are many twists and turns in this case and a lot of corruption behind the scenes. Truth be known the ARL of Iowa is who killed two UB dogs, one which had an adopter/owner. Please take the time to read the real story before condemning a rescue that has saved over 1,000 dogs. This case is about revenge and not the dogs. The individuals who caused all of this are either no longer in rescue or never were. They are unwilling to see how much damage they have done and continue to do to animals in need. This is very much a power struggle and they have lost sight of what is really important, the animals. 

There are 3 blank pages in the link/pdf. When you get to those keep scrolling, you will know when it ends! 


Scroll down on this page for the euthanasia numbers that were released by the ARL of Iowa. 

This Video was made before I knew the ARL had 

killed Hades.

It has been confirmed that the ARL of Iowa did kill Hades. They were well aware that Hades was not a threat to anyone in mine and my daughters care but chose to kill him rather then give him back. They decided to kill Hades after a failed attempt at adopting him out. Hades was not ready for adoption. This was the reason he was not adopted through UB and the reason my daughter ended up adopting him. 

Diva may have been a hospice case but she did not deserve to die in the arms of strangers. 

Diva thought she was my dog and would not live peacefully with dogs other then mine or behave for anyone other then me. We tried several times to move Diva to another foster home and she was always returned. She should have been allowed to live out her final days with me but was ripped away from me by the ARL of Iowa and euthanized after sitting in a cage for 3 months and undergoing useless treatments. I loved this dog with all my heart. Her and Hades were  close to me and my dogs and a part of my pack.


Everything you will read at the link and on this page is factual. The chart below was produced by the ARL of Iowa. These are not numbers made up by haters and believe me they have them, this chart is something they came up with. There is some skepticism on how accurate they are but no solid proof as of yet

268 animals died in their care in one year with a paid veterinarian on staff. 

980 animals were euthanized. 

Yet they are referred to as a no kill shelter? 

That would mean 1,248

unadoptable animals came to them in one year.


UB has a 95% live release rate vs the ARL of Iowa's claimed 90% live release rate. 

Information on the ARL of Iowa killing healthy kittens upon intake and a lot of other details are coming to light by an ex employee. 

A death camp for all bully type dogs

LuLu and Dozer who were held in solitary confinement for 4 years by the ARL of Iowa. Dozer was killed and LuLu was sent to another state.

Their crime?

A dog fight.

29 out of 35?

35 dogs RESCUED out of a fighting ring. Placed with the ARL in good faith, the dogs were all trainable and adoptable. They paraded the story and collected thousands and thousands of dollars. 6 were pulled by Bad Rap and gotten into homes, the ARL murdered the other 29, according to a source they didn’t save even one dog after all and pocketed donations and money paid by the government to hold them.

And we call these people heroes.

They made tens of thousands off the dog Diesel held in solitary 3 years and ended up killing him illegally. Our tax dollars and your donations fund this kind of treatment.

Current Prisoner

Odin was seized for protecting his family from an intruder. 

They are fighting tooth and nail in the courtroom to end his life right now.

Des Moines is not bully friendly!

I strongly advise you to avoid Des Moines Iowa like the plague if you own a dog that has any bully breed in it or even looks like one.

My biggest mistake was moving to Des Moines. 

I became a target as soon as the director of Animal Control changed. I had zero issues with the previous Animal Control Director who had even been to my home and saw I had more then 3 dogs there. Proof in the link.

More ARL of Iowa victims in the photos on your right.

Pinky beat the system and is alive and well

Visit Save Pinky's life on facebook for more info.

Banned from the building and blocked from being able to comment on their Facebook page.

2 tactics used by the ARL of Iowa when questions start being asked. 

I know, they did both to me.

Feel free to use the contact page here to ask me any questions you have about anything involving Unbreakabull Bullies. Unlike them I have proof to back up everything I am saying.