Temporary Pet Parenting and other ways to help

Temporary Pet Parenting is a great way to teach everyone in the home compassion and dog safety.

What is a Temporary Pet Parent?

Temporary Pet Parenting is the opportunity to save a life. You can have a massive impact on the life of an animal by simply opening your home to them. 


We have a few basic requirements.

1-All of your pets must be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

2-You must own your home or have permission from your landlord.

3-Your pets should be well socialized and animal friendly. 

4-You need to be willing to commit to your potential pet until he or she gets adopted. Moving dogs from  home to  home is hard on them.

5-Please have your children prepared for your UB pet dog by explaining to them what is and what is not appropriate behavior. Having your children "dog smart" prevents accidents and poor behavior on the dogs part. 

6-Plan on attending all UB temporary adopter/volunteer meetings. A certain amount of hours per year are required by UB to continue . 


Getting Started

Our temporary Pet Parent process is the same as our adoption process.


Home Visit

Background Check


Meet and Greet

For details on these steps please click Adoption Process tab.

Your Responsibilities

Providing a safe and loving environment for the pet. 

Feeding and watering.

In some cases housetraining. 

In some cases basic obedience training.

Getting pet to and from vet appointments and meet and greets.

Our Responsibilities

Providing food.

Providing basic necessities like kennels.

Providing preventative care/medical needs.

Promoting pet.

Providing behavioral support.

What you get in return

Temporary Pet Parenting doesn't pay in a monetary sense but it does give you something much more valuable. Knowing you saved a life and unconditional love. There is no greater feeling then knowing if it hadn't been for you a life would have been lost forever.  

Other ways you can help!

Transporting! We always need transporters to get dogs to and from vet appointments, foster homes, and events! You can be anywhere in the Midwest and help UB by transporting! 


Holding bake sales, garage sales, dog washes, car washes or collecting cans are just a few ways you can donate towards the future of the UB dogs! 

We are currently looking for a grant writer and a fundraising coordinator! 

Email [email protected] for more info! 

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Supply Drive!

Our foster homes always need supplies. We take dog food, blankets, dog toys, leashes and collars, cleaning supplies, kennels......just about anything dog related and sometimes cat items too!


Since we are a foster based rescue we don't have one location where you can come and walk and visit with the dogs. We do have events from time to time that we could always use help with! Please be 18+ to volunteer with UB. 

Processing applications and home visits

We are always in need of people to help with processing applications and doing home visits. Both are simple and rewarding and a GREAT way to help our pets find forever homes! 

What our temporary Pet Parents are saying

Temporary Pet Parenting is a wonderful experience for the whole family. We are on number six!

-Ami Miller